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Apple is one of the most popular electronic brands in the market. It often makes headlines, sometimes due to sudden boost in sales and sometimes because of introduction of another amazing device or technology. It is Apple which has gifted us the most essential technologies we use today. Thanks to Mr. Steve Jobs and his team, who thought different and developed products like the personal computer, iPod, iPhone, iPad. This company has always worked on a principle of do something innovative and different. It is the reason; Apple is on the top and leading the electronic market for a better future. Recently it has launched iPhone SE with some new feature and now the time is for Apple7.

The release date of Apple 7 and expected features:

Apple iPhone 7

Apple has always launched its products in the fall. iPhone SE was the first Smartphone that Apple has introduced in the early months of the year. People had started expecting that soon the company will release Apple 7, but that’s not done. Now it is obvious that you will have to wait till the fall of 2016 for launching of Apple7. You can see some significant changes in this Smartphone’s design, but Smartphone experts are not expecting too many changes in features. Things will get revealed, once the phone is launched.

What should I Use, Apple accessories or others?

Soon Apple 7 will get launched and buyers will again get puzzled between Apple accessories or other brands’ accessories. Nowadays, people not only use phones for communication demands, but they also listen music, play games, use Bluetooth accessories and access the internet via their phones. Apple provides all types’ accessories for its devices like iPod, iPad and iPhone. Off-course, the branded accessories of Apple cost higher price than other brands’ accessories and people get confused. People find it difficult to decide that they should use Apple accessories for their cutting-edge technology or other brands’ accessories for their cheaper cost.

Here one thing is important to notice that all the accessories of different brands are not compatible with Apple devices. You may plan to buy and use cost-effective headphones of other brands, but that may work or not work with your iPhone. All the apple accessories like headphones, Bluetooth headsets and even smart watches of Apple are built specially to enhance your experience with the dedicated device. So, you should choose only Apple accessories that promise to offer longer service and better quality.

Apple smart watch, a feature-rich timepiece on your wrist:

Apple Smart Watch

Just like all other accessories and devices, Apple has won the hearts of users by launching feature-rich Smart Watch. Usually, users call it Apple watch that allows them to pay bills of hundreds or thousands of dollars by using Apple pay. It has bulk of apps that you can’t find in other smart watches. It works smoothly and offer top-quality user interface to navigate the features. Suppose, you are moving to another city and want to check your hotel reservation, use the Apple watch. It allows you to do almost things that you can do in your iPhone.

It is true that smart watches are quite useful for us because they reduce the need of picking phone out again and again. However, smart watches have smaller screen on which navigation becomes quite difficult. The Apple watch has reduced this difficulty. It provides you a digital crown to operate all the essential functions. It actually, works as a home button through which you can enter into any function or app of the watch and use it efficiently. That’s what Apple does for the users; it develops devices which are actually smart and user-friendly.

Apple power case: never lets your Smartphone’s battery go down:

Apple Power Case

Smartphones suck too much battery and iPhone or iPad is no exception to this fact. Companies are trying to find a technology through which they can provide smartphones a longer battery power. Well, still that is not possible, but experts have developed a device called power bank that offers portable charging option. All the power banks you get in the market are separate devices, but Apple has represented it in a different way. It allows you to keep the power bank close to your phone and it is quite small that you can carry anywhere you go.

Off-course, Apple Power Case is expensive in comparison to other brands’ power banks, but it is better. It looks like iPhone case or cover that not only prevents low battery issue, but also safeguards your iPhone from damage. Apple has launched it in one-piece design that seems quite comfortable and attractive too. It charges your Smartphone by using the lightning port and you don’t need to connect any cable to charge the phone. It is a compact portable iPhone charger that is compatible with iPhone 6 and 6s. You will also get it for Apple7, when it will get launched.

Yes, Apple cares of your hobby of listening music:

Many people say that Apple has not taken any step forward for developing quality on-bard speakers. They may think so because it has not launched any special device for audio output like Apple has developed iPad, iPod and iPhone. Well, this company cares about every demand of the Smartphone and tab users. It provides you some of the best Bluetooth speakers of market’s leading audio output technologies. You can find some quality on-board speakers that work efficiently with Apple devices.

You can connect your iPhone smoothly with the portable speakers and then play music. It is sure that you will get quality audio output and enjoy some great time. However, Apple’s devices like iPhone and iPad are built to provide users with quality audio output. You can also listen songs by playing in your iPhone and the inbuilt speakers will release quality sound. Well, that is not the case when it comes to listen music louder. People need Bluetooth speakers because they want to play a little louder music and you can use other company’s on-board speaker for that demand.

What makes Apple accessories better than others?

Many electronic brands like Samsung, Sony, and HTC are competing with Apple in the electronics market. All of them have built their devices in a way that they can lure the buyers and gain larger profit. Apple has always got advantage of launching unique and stylish devices. People consider Apple as a symbol of the best quality and the best service because it launches devices with unique design, unique shape and innovative features. All the Apple accessories look quite stylish that’s why buyers choose them. People don’t care about the price of an accessory, when they know it will serve for many years.

Where should I Buy Apple accessories:

Apple does its business across the world. Apple has its retail stores in almost famous cities of different countries. Well, many people complain that they don’t have any retail store of Apple near to their home, so they should buy online. You will find it quite handy to purchase any Apple accessory online because you can purchase it on more cost-effective price and purchased accessories will get delivered at your home. According to many people, buying online is a better choice rather than searching for Apple retail stores.

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    A lot of hype on iPhone7 more rumours out there about it features and design specifications. I’m sure it take a step forward the apple branding. Nice article JayB. 7 will having the home menu is finger print access and for protect unexpected slip or drops it going to have a gas technology So nice. May be it’s one of thoughts or existing one I don’t know but So good if it has that.

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