5 Android Apps to help you save money while shopping online

Posted on Apr 29 2016 - 11:16pm by JayB

Mobile Apps for online shopping

In an era where everyone has very little time and even less patience, online shopping portals have been a blessing to an entire Y-generation. Such is the time that we now have over 100 of online shopping domains with more or less an identical catalog. However, the similarity between these websites ends with the catalogs as each website offers a different deal for a same product through deals and offers. So how would an online shopper know which website is offering the product they want at the lowest price. This is where price comparison apps and websites come to forth with a comprehensive database of all websites and price listed on them. Here are top 5 price comparison apps on Play store that help in saving money while shopping online.

Price Raja

Price Raja Mobile App

One of the newest crop of price comparison apps, PriceRaja is fast becoming a top rated and most downloaded app in a short span of time. This app enjoys an impressive rating of 4.3 stars on Play Store and that too after a relatively short stint since its release. The app replicates the website completely and provides features like product comparison as well as spec score to save time on research. However, PriceRaja happens to have a upper hand with its massive and constantly updated deals section. This way users not only have the access to store with lowest price but also get to know if the price can be further lowered using a specific coupon or offer.  A must have app for anyone who is looking to save money while shopping online.


MySmartPrice Mobile App

MySmartPrice happens to be one of the well regarded price comparison websites around mainly owing to its seniority in the industry. Therefore it comes as no surprise when the website claims that its app scans around 100 e-commerce websites frequently to be able to bring the best price for more than 10 million products, delivered to your smartphone. Also, this app happens to have a detailed deals and coupon section, just like PriceRaja, which is updated frequently to stay updated with latest offers.  Hence, it’s no wonder that the app enjoys a good download count on the Play Store.


91mobiles Mobile App

In case you are looking for your next smartphone, tablets or laptop and want to get the best possible deal on the Internet, look no further. 91Mobiles is the app that has been designed specifically for the categories mentioned above. The limited number of categories allows the app to focus extensively on them. 91Mobiles boasts of some advanced features like chat with experts to get advice, smart search, 91score and price list indexed by brands. However, this app is not much of a use for those who are looking to shop for anything beyond smartphone or tablet.


Grabon Mobile App

Grabon is a fairly new addition to the herd of money saving portals, which is preferred by most online buyers. However, the app does not really provide price comparison per se since it only lists coupons and offers provided by various websites online. All you get to know from Grabon app is which website is offering what deal and land on the offer page. However, it is still a hassle to see if the product you actually want is included in the offer or not. For regular online buyers, which know what they want, Grabon is not exactly a sensible choice.


Coupon Dunia Mobile App

Just like Grabon, Coupondunia app also exists just so that you can search for a coupon or deal when you have already selected the product and have it in your cart. This app is like having a yellow pages of all deals and offers in online e-commerce websites. However, it is not much of a use when you need to compare prices and products themselves. Using this app will still involve the effort and time needed to research about the product you want.

These apps are must have for anyone who are online shoppers and want to save up on time as well as money on their purchase. However, it is recommended to go and try these apps, which are comprehensive in their functions and completely take care of all shopping needs.

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