WhatsApp to introduce Call Back, Voicemail and Zip Sharing features

Posted on May 1 2016 - 8:58pm by JayB

After adding features like end-to-end message encryption, rich text chats, PDF sharing and cloud storage integration, WhatsApp is on the way of adding three more features to it. WhatsApp is the most popular online messaging service in the world, and over a 1 billion users prefer it over messaging services like Hike and Viber. Whatsapp has reached the limit 1 million active users this year, and hence has been launching different changes to make the application more interesting and user friendly.

As for India, Whatsapp is still free in the country, and thus the three new features- call back, voicemail and zip file sharing will promise the users a better connectivity. As per Phone Radar, these features will be introduced by the mi sod 2016, for all its users across the globe.

These new features make Whatsapp one of the most active online messaging service to release a series of innovative features in less than a year. Whatsapp was bought by the social networking giant, Facebook, so it is quite possible that Facebook is trying to improve the messaging features of Whatsapp, while keeping it significantly different from its Facebook Messenger app.

Details of the features:

  • Call Back: Similar to the call back feature of any smartphone, this feature will be available for both android and IoS phones. The call back button will be along the missed call notification, which can pressed and used without opening the WhatsApp application.
  • Voicemail: This feature also works in similar fashion like other telecom operators, with two buttons- “record voicemail” and “send voicemail” appearing on the contact list of the user. Though voicemail is not a very popular feature used in India, Whatsapp voice calling can prove beneficial to the new generation users. However, the detriment of this voice calling feature is that it will probably be available only to iOS user.

Whatsapp users can already send voice notes to their contacts, so the voice calling feature seems quite unnecessary. However, the buttons of recording and sending voicemails will be visible during an ongoing call, hence giving access to in-call video.

  • Zip Files: File sharing in Whatspp was only limited to  documents and PDFs. However, with this new feature, users can now share zip files as well. Users will also have the option to compress the files, which will help them to save data or send larger files easily.

Going by the speed WhatsApp is introducing new features, we expect to see the new changes by the end of this year.

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