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Posted on Aug 16 2012 - 12:56pm by Nandita Barua
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Ek Tha Tiger

Ek Tha Tiger

The much hyped and awaited Salman-Katrina starrer Ek Tha Tiger was released on 15th August 2012. With Salman’s movies like Wanted and Dabangg cruising its way to the 100 crore club quite convincingly in the past couple of years, Ek Tha Tiger also seems to have the same potential. This isn’t because Ek Tha Tiger ( ETT) is a great movie, but simply because Salman’s fan base is too huge to be underestimated. ETT is a movie that will leave an impact on you only if you are a Salman fan and not otherwise. It is yet another Salman Khan movie with unimpressive content but the lavish locations and certain action scenes are pretty impressive by Bollywood standards. Though the movie overall is far more evolved than Dabangg, Bodyguard or Ready but is that enough – may be not.

Salman plays Tiger who is one of the finest RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) agents. Sadly, director Kabir Khan manipulates Tiger’s intelligence way too much to extract the typical masala elements out of it to suit the Indian Bollywood crazy eye. The movie begins with Tiger’s dramatic entry in a chase for a traitor RAW agent sold to ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence). The chase inarguably has a Bourne (Bourne series) and James Bond feel to it. Tiger is sent on a mission to Dublin to observe an Indian origin professor suspected to aid ISI through his research. Enters Zoya (Katrina), the professor’s part time care taker and before we know Tiger and Zoya fall in love. Tiger’s fellow agent Gopi (Ranbir Shorey) gives constant reminders to Tiger as to how espionage agents are not supposed to listen to the heart and only follow their minds.

The movie takes an unprecedented turn when Tiger catches Zoya transmitting secure files from the professor’s computer only to discover, to Tiger’s utter disbelief, that Zoya is an ISI agent. The remaining movie is all about how these love struck spies decide to follow their hearts defying all attempts by RAW & ISI to capture them.

This is definitely not Salman’s best performance and Katrina lacks the personality or body language of an espionage agent. Most songs are passable and the story does not keep you engaged. But one definitely enjoys Salman’s subtle humor when he camouflages his identity as Manish Chandra in front of Zoya.

All in all go watch it if you are a Salman fan. Proudly flaunting his in shape body, one is intrigued to wonder if Salman is our answer to Hollywood’s Batman!

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