IDEA 2G Internet Plans / Rate Cutter / Freedom packs for Karnataka

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IDEA Mobile 2g 3g packs

Find information of Karnataka IDEA Prepaid mobile 2G plans / data packs / recharges on limited plans, unlimited plans, rate cutter packs, freedoms packs.

2G Mobile Prepaid

Sachet Pack

MRP (Rs.)Data BenefitData Validity (Days)OverageFUP limitMode Of Recharge
520 MB14p/10 KB-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*5#, Paper
1460 MB24p/10 KB-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*14#, Paper
26100 MB44p/10 KB-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*26#, Paper
58250 MB74p/10 KB-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*58#, Paper
68275 MB74p/10 KB-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*68#, Paper
88350 MB144p/10 KB-E-Recharge

Limited Volume Packs

MRP (Rs.)Data BenefitData Validity (Days)OverageFUP limitMode Of Recharge
98400 MB144p/10 KB-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*98#
125500 MB214p/10 KB-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*125#
151600 MB214p/10 KB-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*151#

Unlimited Data Packs

MRP (Rs.)Data BenefitData Validity (Days)OverageFUP limitMode Of Recharge
1741 GB30-Speed post 1.25 GB @ 80kbpsE-Recharge
198Unlimited Internet (FUP – 2 GB)30-Speed post 2 GB @ 80kbpsE-Recharge
249Unlimited Internet (FUP – 3GB)30-Speed post 3 GB @ 80kbpsE-Recharge

DATA Rate cutter

MRP (Rs.)Data BenefitData Validity (Days)OverageFUP limitMode Of Recharge
31Internet browsing @ 0.39p/10KB30--USSD, Dial *369*031#

Add on packs and Freedom pack

MRP (Rs.)Data BenefitData Validity (Days)OverageFUP limitMode Of Recharge
102Freedom Pack- 300 MB 2G284p/10 KBNAE Recharge
1311 GB over 1 Weekend**7 days*** (1 Saturday and 1 Sunday within the span of 7 days)4p/10 KB-E-Recharge
4314 GB over 4 Weekends**28 days*** (4 Saturdays & 4 Sundays within the span of 28 days)4p/10 KB-E-Recharge

4G-2G Mobile Prepaid

MRP (Rs.)Data BenefitData Validity (Days)OverageFUP limitMode Of Recharge
42150 MB 4G/2G7 Days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
491GB night 4G/2G (12am-6am)1 night4p/10KB-E-Recharge
77250 MB 4G/2G8 Days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
931 GB 4G/2G2 Days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
104300 MB 4G/2G28 Days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
1241GB night 4G/2G (12am-6am)28 nights4p/10KB-E-Recharge
149500MB 4G/2G14 days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
153500 MB 4G/2G21 Days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
177Freedom pack- 500 MB 4G / 2G28 Days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
2481 GB 4G/2G28 Days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
255500 MB 4G/2G & Rs.100 Talktime28 Days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
3481.5 GB 4G/2G28 Days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
4482 GB 4G/2G28 Days4p/10KB-E-Recharge
648Unlimited upto 3GB 4G/2G28 Days-Speed post 3GB @ 128KbpsE-Recharge
748Unlimited upto 4GB 4G/2G28 Days-Speed post 4GB @ 128KbpsE-Recharge
847Unlimited upto 5GB 4G/2G28 Days-Speed post 5GB @ 128KbpsE-Recharge
948Unlimited upto 6GB 4G/2G28 Days-Speed post 6GB @ 128KbpsE-Recharge
1148Unlimited upto 8GB 4G/2G28 Days-Speed post 8GB @ 128KbpsE-Recharge
1348Unlimited upto 10GB 4G/2G28 Days-Speed post 10GB @ 128KbpsE-Recharge

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