Website Designing – Standard Key Design, Technical Features, Terms & Conditions

Design Features

  • Back-end Content Management Systems (CMS) permitting client to update your own website. (Uses the WordPress platform, the most widely used and extensively developed CMS available.)
  • Responsive design: website adjusts automatically to different screen widths, and is also compatible with tablets and mobile devices.
  • Attractive, landing (home) page with easy, intuitive navigation menus and a large image slideshow linking to the selected services you wish to highlight.
  • Social networking integration, with e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Range of modern features including, as required: integrated Google location maps; contact and/or newsletter signup forms; PDF downloads for user content; password protected pages for, e.g. private, client-specific content. (any other specific requirement to be mentioned by client which may incur additional cost)

Technical Features and Advantages

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – We will design the site with Google in mind and provide basic Search Engine Optimisation, however a further online marketing campaign using search engine optimization (SEO) is strongly recommended at some stage in the future, in order to maximize the number of visitors to the site. This work can be done by us, or can be done by another suitable agency.
  • Automated website backup module for added security.
  • Compatibility with all major web browsers (IE8+ only). Page optimisation and caching plugin for rapid browser load.
  • Fully modular for easy expansion of functionality in future.
  • Theme-based design permits rapid redesign of each website in future, if required.
  • Security and performance advantages, as theme and code modules can be updated, in order to account for new threats or web browser updates.

Work Specification

  • Pages to be coded to be SEO friendly. Note: Keyword research and other SEO activity is not included in this quote.
  • Setup and configuration of new (or configuration of existing) web hosting account.
  • Installation and configuration of WordPress platform and back-end database
  • Installation and configuration of design theme files and code modules.
  • Development of website: design; content; page structure; navigation; theme customisations; installation and configuration of design and technical features.
  • (If required) SEO page optimisation for selected keywords for home page and specific services pages.
  • 1 hour face to face training in the use of the WordPress Content Management System.


  • A standard website project takes 4-6 weeks to complete. The exact speed of design & development will be affected by client turnaround times, for example responding to designs, content, etc. Timeline can vary depending on website complexity and 3rd party applications/vendors turnaround time.


  • Our endeavor is to provide the best and competitive rates without compromising on quality of service. Since the technology and industry is very dynamic, we provide customized pricing solutions to each client as per requirement and outlined budget. These quotes are estimates and can be tweaked as per requirement.

Website Hosting / Domain Registration

  • Various hosting services are available depending on the client’s requirement and volume of visitors traffic.
  • Usually we quote for a shared hosting service. Incase dedicated VPS hosting is required, we shall be happy to offer the same. VPS hosting allows better security and performance. This would involve additional cost, which will be intimated in due course of time. Hosting server charges are for 1 year and will be recurring annually.
  • We recommend to use our in-house hosting server for our clients for better website security, performance and quick resolution.
  • We register or renew domain as per clients requirement. Domain registration/renewal charges are approximately Rs. 800 per year for standard domains. For premium domain extensions, prices may vary.


Your own images

  • For your own images used on your website, we ensure they are web optimised and colour corrected; provided the images are of sufficient quality to begin with.

Photography by THINKCEPT

  • (Optional) – If you wish to avail our photography services for use on the website, a fee will be agreed per image for indefinite use, and restricted to your single website use only. Images may not be reused, redistributed or resold, and photographic copyright remains with us.

Stock Images

  • (Optional) – It may be necessary to purchase some stock images in order to complete the website. Prices vary, but are typically Rs.500-1000 per image for web resolution photographs. All image purchases will be agreed with the client in advance.

Website Content / Creatives / Logo

  • Standard quotation does not include content writing / logo designing / creatives / graphic designing charges.
  • All Content is to be supplied by client, content writing charges are additional and will be agreed with client.
  • Logo is to be supplied by client, logo designing charges are additional and will be agreed with client.
  • We include basic graphic designs, icons, creatives for use in website. For advance graphics or animations, designing charges are additional and will be agreed with client.

Email Service

  • We usually do not provide free email accounts with the hosting service. Free email accounts can be configured with 3rd party service providers on request. For commercial email services like Google Apps for Work, please contact us for customised quotation.
  • Clients are responsible for taking and keeping backup of email if changing hosting server.

Optional / Additional Services

  • Optional and additional services you may require, which are not included in the standard quotation and agreement. You are of course free to maintain your own website, or engage another developer to do so, if you wish. Full control and ownership of your website remains with you.
  • Website maintenance: After website completion, technical maintenance work is advisable periodically for security and performance reasons, and includes upgrading to latest versions of WordPress, plugins and theme code files. If hosting server is provided by us, we provide free maintenance for backend softwares updates and monitoring. For frequent content updation, a monthly maintenance package can be configured.
  • Further website development: Any future developmental changes to the structure, design and content of your website, as required.
  • Staff training: One-to-one staff training in the use of the WordPress Content Management System (at additional charges).
  • Commercial photography: (Daily and half-day rates negotiable.)
  • Bulk SMS, Newsletter Designing, Google Adwords, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management: Please contact us for a customised quote.

Payment and Schedule

  • An initial deposit of 50% of the total amount is required in advance along with email approval/signed acceptance of the agreement. Client will be invoiced for the balance payment (plus any other monies for optional/additional work) upon completion (website launch). This balance is payable within 1 week of date of invoice.
  • After delivery of completed project, any changes required on the website will have to be communicated within 30 days. Beyond 30 days, AMC will be applicable. Any other additional feature required on the website will be on additional cost which will be mutually decided before undertaking changes.

Ownership and Responsibilities

  • Incase client wishes to utilize own hosting server, THINKCEPT is to be provided with full and unrestricted access to web hosting account, necessary to conduct his work. After completion of work, client may remove THINKCEPT’s access to the hosting account and website CMS if desired. Client will be responsible to ensure hosting environment is compatible with the website requirement and troubleshoot with tech support if required.
  • Client is responsible for ensuring THINKCEPT is supplied with content material in a timely manner.
  • The standard quotation and agreement does not include a maintenance contract. Client is responsible for monitoring the availability of website code updates via the website content management system, and either making the updates or requesting this work is carried out on their behalf. It is important to keep your WordPress website code files up-to-date for security reasons.
  • We include a website designing credit with backlink to THINKCEPT’s website on the footer. We take utmost care to ensure it does not impact user experience and overall website appearance.

Limitation of Liability

  • THINKCEPT will not be liable for any damages or losses, financial or otherwise, to client, its partners, clients, heirs or any third parties, resulting directly or indirectly from circumstances outside his control, including but not limited to: host server downtime, errors or faults due to web host; failure by client to renew hosting account; current or future programmatic errors or incompatibilities within the WordPress engine, plugins or themes code; computer viruses, malware, malicious software or hacking attacks; copyright infringement in content supplied by client, any other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Websites to be checked and verified by client as functional and correct before launch. Launch implies this has occurred satisfactorily. THINKCEPT will not be liable for any damages or losses, financial or otherwise, to client, its partners, clients, heirs or any third parties, resulting directly or indirectly from inconsistencies, omissions, errors or copyright infringements within the website discovered or occurring after launch.


  • In the very unlikely event that THINKCEPT is unable to complete the agreed work for client for any reason, e.g. ill health or unforeseen technical issues, THINKCEPT’s liability is limited to the refund of deposit paid by client.
  • Should client wish to terminate this agreement before completion of work by THINKCEPT, payment settlement to THINKCEPT is required according to the proportion of work already completed at the time, with a minimum settlement of the 30% deposit.