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So you have built the most amazing website, spent a fortune on designing, spent countless hours brainstorming on brilliant ideas and content to give your viewers a mind blowing experience and ensure your complete company information is updated. But imagine your site is located inside the Amazon forest, miles away from civilization, with no road signs pointing visitors to your location. So do you expect people to find you? People will not be aware that your site exists, give your website a complete miss while your competitors enjoy the booming online business. This is where you need the magic of ‘SEO’ to help your customers find you.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, though it sounds complicated, it is not rocket science. If you write online or manage your own site, you have likely come across this in the past. If not, now is a good time to start understanding it. SEO plays an important role in getting your site or page the attraction that it needs. It makes it easier to direct traffic directly to you without having to purchase any advertisement space. It does this by increasing your ranking on search engines, like Google, so that your target audience is finding you rather than you having to find them. Knowing what is SEO is a great first step to using it effectively.

Understanding not only how to write SEO content, but good SEO content is vital. When you are writing up an article for your blog or a page for your website, you need to make sure that the content is search engine optimized and appealing. To figure out how to do this, keep the SEO guidelines in mind. Consider quality above all else, use keywords that are well research and strategically placed, and keep away from the negatives. The negatives include hiding keywords and stuffing, both of which are bad for your site. If you put time into the content, you can love what comes out.

Part of great content is using SEO techniques. These techniques are going to have you taking advantage of various parts of the coding to attract the most amount of attention possible. Meta descriptions and alt tags, headings and titles, and the links on your site all matter. Make sure that they are short, descriptive, and have the major keywords. You need to do all of this without stuffing or making it sound terrible. After all, this is about more than attracting people with a lot of keywords. You also need to attract people with quality content.

Knowing how to do SEO is difficult, but easier if you understand the techniques a little more. You are going to be using keywords, links, and your site’s coding to attract more people than ever. Make sure that you do research on your keywords to see how popular they are and how they relate to your site as well as choose quality locations for links. These two combined are going to make a huge difference in your site’s ranking. You also have to consider what you do with your coding and content. When you are rearranging everything, you need to keep a high level of quality. That is what your visitors care about the most.

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You need to remember that there are two types of SEO. There is White Hat SEO, which is what you should be doing. White Hat SEO is all your average techniques and implementing safe, ethical business practices. You are going to be playing by the book and watching your site improve over time. Some people are less patient, though, and choose Black Hat SEO practices. This is a risky move, however, because it can kick you off sites like Google. You would be using tricks that are against SEO guidelines, getting you removed from search engines. If your website gets penalized by Google or other search engines for detection of unethical SEO practices, your website will disappear from search pages and it will be very difficult to regain the rankings again, all your efforts will go in vain. No matter whatever the promise or big claims SEO companies give to improve your site rankings, it is not worth the risk if using Black Hat SEO techniques. You may think you can fool the search engine bots, but eventually in a month, maybe six months time, it will be detected and your site penalized.

So remember, SEO is simple and easy, however give it time and develop quality content, and reap the good results later.

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