Blackberry introduces BBM money transfer in India

Posted on May 2 2016 - 6:25pm by JayB

Blackberry BBM Money

BlackBerry, the telecom giant of the yesteryears is struggling hard to keep up with the trends of Android and iOS phones. Social networking sites like Facebook and WhatsApp have pulled out their support from the blackberry operating system, and there is news that in the coming months things might get more worse to the dying telecom giant.

However, despite slowdown, BlackBerry has introduced a payment solution- BBM Money, which allows blackberry users to transfer money to another BBM app. This was conceptualized by making partnership with Digitsecure (a payment platform for BBM users in India). HotRemit, a by-product of Digitsecure which was used to create BBM money works as the mobile wallet. The BBM money app can be downloaded from the BlackBerry world. The money transfer done through BBM is instant and secure. However, since it is limited only to the blackberry users, the benefits of BBM money transfer will be limited to a few.

Until now, Facebook is the only service in India which allows online money transfer through messenger application. This makes the BBM Money Transfer exclusive and one of a kind.

The strategy behind

It needs no justification to assume that customers would not buy BlackBerry mobile phones just to take advantage of the money transfer facility. The facility would have been beneficial and accepted widely only if cross-platform money transfer was allowed. Nevertheless, the existing BlackBerry customers will definitely benefit from this service, as the application will make transferring money to friends and family swift and easy. BlackBerry money transfer facility comes in a time when there are multiple other options already available in the market and have already reached their peak. Though it does not hurt the brand, but will definitely put the users in a tough spot.

If you’re a BlackBerry user in India, try the BBM Money service and let us know of your experience in the comments below.

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