Talaash – A gripping story but an unfulfilling end

Posted on Dec 2 2012 - 1:04pm by Nandita Barua
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Talaash Movie

Amidst chock-a-blocked bookings in all major movie houses, I somehow managed my luck for an evening show of Talaash. Like millions others in the nation, I am a big Aamir Khan fan and the movie had me hooked right from the first frame. The director, Reema Kagti, along with co-writer Zoya Akhtar, did a great job in keeping the plot under warps for a substantial part of the movie. Talaash takes you through a painstaking, melancholic journey of passion, love and loss, up until a point and suddenly at the climax one almost feels like…what? Is this it?

A famous movie celebrity dies in an accident as his car crashes into the Arabian Sea and Inspector Shekhawat, played by Aamir Khan, is called in to investigate. This tough cop is actually a walking wound himself. His son dies in a tragic accident and Shekhawat blames himself for it. He is haunted by the images of what he could have done to avoid this misfortune.  His wife, Roshni, played by Rani Mukherji, finds solace in secret conversations with her dead son through a geeky looking neighbor much to the anger and disbelief of Shekhawat. As he gets busy in solving the case which is seemingly reaching no-where, he comes across this seductive prostitute Rosie, played by Kareena Kapoor. Rosie starts providing crucial clues to the Inspector and before we know he develops this uncanny fascination for her.  While the audience is engrossed in this tantalizing equation between the cop and the prostitute eagerly expecting a brilliant wrap to the suspense, one gets disappointed with the final revelation.

The two most fascinating things about the movie are, the way Reema creates the portrait of Mumbai with the after dark neon lights, and the performances of the lead actors . While the former beautifully depicts the hollowness of Mumbai, the latter leaves you asking for more from Aamir, Rani and Kareena. Each of them is great in their roles and Nawazuddin Siddiqui also does justice to his. What disappoints you though, is that after a brilliant first half, the explanation of the mystery in the second half is not as thrilling. How I wish I could enjoy the movie as much as I enjoyed the characters.

Despite this, you should definitely catch this one as Talaash is a unique attempt and there are more things to like than there are not to like.

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