Airtel to offer 15GB 4G data through my Airtel app for next three months

Posted on Oct 17 2016 - 12:48pm by JayB


In a time when almost all the telecom companies across the country are reducing their voice and data tariff rates, Airtel too has joined in the race. After lowering its data tariffs, Airtel is now offering data freebies to appease and protect its data customer base. When Jio is planning to make home delivery of its SIM cards loaded with free data and calling benefits, this new offer by Airtel seems a valid move for competition. The Bharti Mittal led telecom company is currently offering (up to) 15GB to both its prepaid and postpaid customers through the My Airtel App, basically launched in a move to churn to its high revenue generating data consuming user segment.

Airtel is already offering 5GB data every month through the MY Airtel App, but the officials of the company has confirmed that this time, the customers can claim the free data without having to download other wynk apps. For this offer, Airtel has extended Handset Bundling Offer to all the 4G devices. Also, some high value data customers are directly already getting 10GB free data.

Handset Bundling:

The Airtel prepaid customers who have an upgraded 4G SIM fitted in a 4G handset can claim the new offer, where one can get 15GB data at just Rs. 250 for the next three months. This is a promotional data offer, and customers who are using 3G services can as well experience 4G speed at a considerably low cost for the next three days.

High Value Data Customers:

An Airtel prepaid customer who use data more than the average quantity are now getting 10GB free 3G/4G data as Data Dhamaka offer which is credited to their account. This move by Airtel has proved that the company doesn’t want to leave any stone unturned to keep its data consuming customers happy and satisfied. So it is expected that similar data offers will be launched by Airtel to giving a fitting reply to Relaince Jio’s offers.

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